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GISN strives to ensure that the best interpreters are selected for each individual’s needs.  To accomplish that purpose, we provide the following form, so that you can tell us more about yourself and help us to schedule the right interpreters for you.  This information is completely optional, and you do not have to provide this information to receive interpreting services.  If you decide that you would like your information removed from this database, please contact us and your information will be removed within two business days.

If you would like to provide this information, please know that this form is strictly confidential, and will only be accessed when scheduling interpreters for you.  While we will make every effort to accommodate your needs, we cannot guarantee the availability of particular interpreters for any specific request.

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Contact Information & Office Hours

Physical Address:
Georgia Interpreting Services Network
251 S.L. White Blvd.
LaGrange, GA 30241

Mailing Address:
Georgia Interpreting Services Network
P.O. Box 4529
LaGrange, GA 30241

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Toll Free – 800.228.4992
Voice – 404.521.9100
Fax – 404.521.9121

After Hours Emergencies:
(Current Customers Only)
To contact your pre-designated GISN representative:
Jennifer Johnson, 678-776-0704
Tammy Huling, 678-776-2601

Billing Inquiries/Invoice Questions:
Toll Free – 800.387.1236

Customer Testimonials

"The office staff deserves credit for efficiency and reliability, as well as professionalism." - Peggy D. Rosser, Director, Division of Rehabilitation Services (Retired)

"The Interpreters who helped my client and myself were so excellent and the scheduling of interpreters was so easy that I have continued to use Georgia Interpreting Services Network." - Victoria Embs, Attorney at Law